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You can get our wholesale price when you order
20 pounds or more per month. 

At Casters Coffee’s, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver fresh and high quality coffee at affordable prices. All of our beans are roasted in small batches at our Lancaster facility which ensures the quality and consistency that you expect from pricier brands.

Because coffee is best enjoyed shortly after roasting, buying from us means you will get a fresh batch of beans that delight your senses. You will smell and taste the difference.

Our wholesale program is flexible. We can work with you whether you need weekly or monthly batches, prefer single source or blends, or want to pickup or get it delivered. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, all while providing good paying jobs to our employees.

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Our coffee is social!

We use 100% of coffee sales revenue to hire homeless people.  

 We roast and deliver fresh and delicious coffee for you.

You enjoy and create jobs for homeless people every morning.

We spend 100% of our sales revenue on hiring, training, and providing lasting employment for unhoused people. Meaning every bag at Casters Coffee creates an hour worth of employment 

Use our impact calculator to check how many hours of work you can create by drinking our coffee!

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