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Casters roasts,
You drink, 
We empower our community Together.

Have Fun, Craft Purpose.

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Casters Coffee is more than a drink. It’s a company founded by homeless people, for homeless people. Visionaries who put their time, energy, and money into building opportunities through a community coffee shop centered on quality roasting and friendly service.

That means we don’t settle for burnt beans and watered down coffee. But pride ourselves on delivering a thoughtful and beautiful product on par with quality coffee from around the world.

Casters Coffee Roaster is a vision and a dream, a non-profit and a business. But more than anything, it’s a home. A home for opportunity, for new ideas, and for the community. A home for anyone who walks through our doors or drinks our coffee.

So no matter where you are in life. Welcome Home.


Ending Homelessness.
One Bean At A Time.

We spend 100% of our sales revenue on hiring, training and providing lasting employment for unhoused individuals. Meaning that every bag of coffee you buy at Casters creates an hours worth of employment.

We spend 100% of our sales revenue on hiring, training, and providing lasting employment for unhoused people. Meaning every bag at Casters Coffee creates an hour worth of employment 

Use our impact calculator to check how many hours of work you can create by drinking our coffee!
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