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Street Company is a group of homeless people creating jobs for themselves and their friends on the street. CASTERS COFFEE is the first business Street Company created.

Street Company is a 501(c)(3) organization that is created by the homeless. Our mission is to pave the way out of homelessness by creating jobs for the homeless.


We started as a small support group of the homeless at a park in Lancaster, CA. One day we discussed the possible solution to our homelessness situation and recognized the importance of employment. Realizing a lack of employment opportunities for the homeless in the city, we decided to build a coffee roasting social enterprise to hire ourselves and our friends on the street. We started learning specialty coffee skills since July 2018 and began our coffee catering business in January 2019. I were forced to stop the catering activities due to the Pandemic. We did not give up, but moved on. We learned roasting skills and prepared to open our own coffee roasting brand "CASTERS COFFEE"


We finally launched Casters Coffee officially in September 2022. We are hiring and providing Job Readiness program for our friends who experience homelessness in Lancaster and surrounding areas. 


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